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Our work begins with each individual employee. We strategize a whole person approach to wellness and guide workers in developing their own self-care toolkit.  Our overall corporate wellness structure is evidence-based and steeped in proven, best practices, providing a supportive, sustainable corporate program. 

A commitment to individual and corporate wellness directly impacts productivity, team cohesion and physical health, which reduces sick days while improving the bottom line






Within inZENcity is the core belief that living a satisfying and fulfilling life is a birthright. It is more than a noble pursuit; it is a necessary pursuit. By living our best life, we don’t just make things better for ourselves.  We contribute to quality of life for our families, our friends and our communities.

 inZENcity is not just for businesses. Anyone ready to begin the work can access our 12-week well-being program and start living in inZENcity.



Change is good. Change is also hard.  We know this. Living in inZENcity means you don’t have to go it alone.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re pursuing wellness through your employer or on your own, we are here to support your new life goals with 30-minute consultations. 

 Click HERE for a chance to have a 30-minute consultation with an inZENcity facilitator and begin your journey now.


inZENcity is a community. It is a space for seeking knowledge, support and guidance.  It’s a place to share, connect and discover.  The moment you start your program, you begin living in inZENcity and its community becomes yours.

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