About inZENcity

We assist companies in developing and implementing well-being strategies for their workers.  We consult with staff to first determine which wellness practices will enhance team cohesion and increase productivity and output. Then we guide staff on how to incorporate those practices into the workplace culture.  This strategy effectively decreases the number of sick days and the company ends up with a happier, fulfilled, and more productive workforce.

What does inZENcity mean?

inZENcity represents the ability to live a life in direct alignment with your true and highest self. It doesn’t mean you have a life without challenges or stressors. It means you have daily practices to balance and strengthen you so you remain in the driver seat of your life.

Some feel life happens to us rather than understanding we are steering the ship. If we don’t like aspects of our life, we have the power to change it.

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January 2022

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